Spring Cleaning Tips



Room by room: Try to focus on just one room at a time, and try to complete one room each day.  This will make the whole job seem more manageable, and you’ll probably get things cleaned more thoroughly than if you tried to tackle the whole house at once!

Clear out the clutter: Take the opportunity to dig into the wardrobes, storage spaces, and of course, the garage.  You’ve probably got a veritable treasure trove of old clutter that’s just taking up space- now’s the time for a yard sale!  Turn that clutter into cash.

Just a little more laundry:
One of the things that we rarely attend to is the state of our curtains, shower curtains, and rugs.  Now is your chance: gather up every spare bit of linen in the house and have it laundered; you’ll be surprised at how much brighter your home will look!

Dance while you dust: This is the perfect time to fully indulge your musical interests; break out the iPod, and you’ll be singing along to your favorite tunes and won’t find cleaning to be a chore at all!

A room with a view:
It’s time to tackle those windows!  Set aside a special day to give your windows a good scrubbing.  Clean off any screens while you’re at it: your home will literally sparkle once you’re finished.

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