Those who have not visited Liverpool for some time often comment on its fresh, contemporary look. Transport infrastructure, street furniture, pedestrian amenity and public art have been extensively upgraded in the last five years. An attractive city centre presents public transport, health, education, arts, entertainment, sports and leisure facilities, leaving residents with little reason to travel elsewhere.

The City of Liverpool is the 4th oldest town in Australia (founded on the 7th November, 1810). It is a local government area approximately an hour’s drive west from the centre of Sydney. The last census determined that the City of Liverpool area is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia.
Liverpool has received a boost from Liverpool City Council’s recently implemented CBD strategic plan with a view to generation 30,000 new jobs within the Liverpool local government area together with 25,000 new dwellings on the outskirts of the CBD in the next twenty years.
A major factor contributing to Liverpool’s strong growth has been the provision of the transport access to all Sydney Metropolitan area. The M5 east extension and the North-West of Sydney to Liverpool are intended to manage further population increase.

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